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Carrier Hybrid Crossover Heat Pump System

Boost heating and cooling efficiency and promote year-round comfort with the Carrier Hybrid Crossover system, the gold standard of heat pump systems. The Carrier system combines a gas furnace, an air-sourced heat pump, and a compatible thermostat. Automatically switching between electric and gas heating to optimize efficiency, it’s an effective way to manage your utility costs. D M Heating and Air Conditioning is your source for advanced heat pump services in Milwaukee, WI.

Heat Pump in Milwaukee, WI

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

In contrast to standard heating systems that generate heat, heat pumps transfer heat from one area to the next. The air-sourced heat pump in the Carrier system is an air conditioning system that can heat your home and cool and dehumidify the environment by switching the direction of the refrigerant flow. The Ecobee 3 Smart Wifi thermostat will activate the reversing valve inside the heat pump when heat is needed and the outside temperature reaches 45 degrees Fahrenheit, sending refrigerant flowing in the opposite direction. The heat pump will use your furnace or air handler for airflow and utilize the heat outside to heat the inside of the home. If it is too cold outside for the thermostat to turn on the heat pump, auxiliary heat will be activated, heating your home with your natural gas furnace.

Performance 2 Stage Furnace

This advanced heating solution includes a Performance 2 Stage furnace. Combining a gas furnace with the air-sourced heat pump and compatible thermostat allows the system to automatically switch between electric and gas heating. This optimizes the efficiency of both fuel sources to mitigate unpredictable utility expenses and maintain the comfort of your home.

Carrier Hybrid Crossover System Installation Benefits

The Carrier heat pump boasts numerous advantages. Leading benefits include:

  • Enhanced energy savings & up to 18 SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating)
  • Operable in cold climates
  • Variable speed, inverter-driven, rotary compressor to mitigate sudden amp draw
  • Operational noise as low as 54 decibels
  • Up to 9.2 HSPF (heating seasonal performance factor)
  • Dual-fuel capability integrating with your natural gas furnace
  • 10-year limited warranty

Cost-Savings for Your Home

A natural gas furnace has the power to heat a home quickly. However, 10-15 minutes running a gas-fired furnace equates to 30 minutes of heat pump use in terms of cost. The Carrier Hybrid Crossover system allows for both while reserving heat pump use for fall and spring months to reduce gas expenditure.

Warranties for Added Peace of Mind

All Carrier products come with a 10-year limited warranty to protect your system should the unexpected arise. D M Heating and Air Conditioning offers an additional warranty for peace of mind. When you choose our professionals for your Carrier Hybrid Crossover installation, you gain access to a subsequent one-year labor warranty.

Explore Value-Adding Rebates and Tax Credits

Opting for the Carrier Hybrid Crossover system offers energy efficiency, reduced utility bills, and optimal comfort and provides you the opportunity to secure rebates and tax credits. This system is eligible for a rebate from Focus on Energy, a $2000 tax credit and Carrier Cool Cash rebates when available.

Quality Heat Pump System Installation

The performance and longevity of your heating solution rely heavily on the quality of the initial installation. That’s why customers in Milwaukee, WI, and surrounding areas choose D M Heating and Air Conditioning. With our meticulous process and precise techniques, our Carrier heat pump installation services seamlessly optimize your home.

Heat Pump Repair & Maintenance

Routine maintenance is the key to promoting longevity and maximum functionality for your heat pump. D M Heating and Air Conditioning provides comprehensive heat pump maintenance services, including inspections, cleanings, and tune-ups. We aim to catch concerns before they become problems, shielding you from costly, complex repairs and premature replacements.

Heat pump maintenance may seem daunting. Utilize these helpful maintenance tips to keep your heat pump working optimally:

  • Schedule professional maintenance twice annually (spring and fall).
  • Ensure the area around your system remains free of debris to facilitate proper airflow.
  • Be mindful of thermostat settings to avoid straining your heat pump.

Choose the Best for Your Home

At D M Heating and Air Conditioning, we lead with a customer-centric approach. With a reputation as one of the leading Carrier dealers in Milwaukee, our EPA and NATE-certified technicians bring value to your home. Rely on us for a personalized approach to quality HVAC services.

Reach Out Today to Secure Trusted Heat Pump Services

Experience the power of Carrier Crossover solutions with D M Heating and Air Conditioning. We offer Carrier heat pump installation to customers in Milwaukee, WI, and surrounding areas, ensuring our communities have access to industry-leading HVAC technology. Contact our friendly team today to get started and request your quote.

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Because we are an authorized Carrier furnace dealer in Milwaukee, we maintain a stock of Carrier furnace parts for service and repair of all Carrier HVAC equipment.