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Meet Our Ownership Team

The current partners comprise of the following. They are both NATE certified as well as other ongoing training. They are both lead sales consultants:

Jeff Goff, Service Manager and Sales
Jeff Goff

Jeff Goff has been with D&M for over 20 years, he has been the service manager and sales. He will continue to offer the best service he can to his many loyal customers. Outside of work he likes to spend time with his family, go to sporting events, be with friends and be active.

Tim Silva, Lead Service Tech
Tim Silva

Tim Silva is our lead service tech and our “boiler”expert-learning throughout the years from Kurt on how to fix them and sell them. He has been with D&M for over 18 years. He also has a very wide fan base that he will continue to give that honest service to that we all know and respect. Outside of work he likes to go camping with family, work on his trains and work on his saltwater fish.

Our whole team comprises of the following:

Dustin, Lead Installer


Lead Installer

Dustin has been with D&M for over 16 years. He is creative and crafty, that skill lending its hand to many projects. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, camping, and spending time with friends. He brings much-needed laughs to the office when we need it the most.

Karig, Installer



Kraig has been with D&M for over 10 years-learning along the way from Dustin and Kurt. He is especially good with the Ductless split jobs, the newer technology, and customer relations. He enjoys fishing, spending time with his family, friends and his dog. He is calm and quiet at work, also needed at times.

Sean is a Service Tech at D M Heating and Air Conditioning


Service Tech

Sean has been a service tech for over 4 years. He is NATE certified and has always done well at taking the required classes to exceed. He is friendly and quiet but learning a lot from Jeff and Tim along his way. He also has a growing fan base of loyal customers. Outside of work he likes to spend time with his family, and he is an avid bowler.

Adam, Service Tech


Service Tech

Adam has been a service tech for over 3 years. He is also NATE certified and he came in out of school with no other training. He is learning a lot from both Tim and Jeff and Kurt. He is kind and easy to speak to, respectful and the customers are growing to request him too. Outside of work he likes to be with friends and family, hunting, fishing.

Alssya is a Service Tech at D M Heating and Air Conditioning


Service Tech

Alyssa is our Service Tech fresh from school (MATC) and learning along the way as we have always trained everyone that has come through our doors.

Christine is a Administrative Assistant at D M Heating and Air Conditioning


Administrative Assistant

She comes from a long line of excellent customer service but heating and cooling is new to her. She is doing great, eager to learn, and willing to help wherever she can. She maintains all the maintenance plan customers and all service/install records. Outside of work she likes to travel, spend time with her family and make and sell crafts.

Karen is a Office Manager at D M Heating and Air Conditioning


Office Manager

Karen has been with D&M for almost 10 years, daughter to Kurt. She continues her training in customer support, warranties, financing & all things Carrier. She also does the Ductless Split estimates and smaller estimates. She is the face behind many things that happen at D&M and the voice on the radio. Outside of work, she likes to be with friends and family.

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We get majority of our equipment from Auer Steel and other parts and supplies within the area so we can help our customers out same day. Our statement is “Always at your service” and we strive daily to ensure every customer has the same interaction with whomever is coming out to your home, that what is being said upfront on the phone that it will happen when we get there.

We are mainly a referral based company and our majority of the GOOGLE reviews reflect that. Every home we go to, we treat as our own with the same level of respect as everybody deserves. Moving forward, nothing will change from what Kurt put in place, same best place practices, best customer service skills, honesty to our customers and potential customers are treated the same as our long time customers. We continue to grow on a daily basis because we believe in the Carrier brand & believe in our skilled team.

We are always at your service from 1979 to 40+ more years to come and beyond.

HVAC Installation and Service Area in the Greater Milwaukee Area


Because we are an authorized Carrier furnace dealer in Milwaukee, we maintain a stock of Carrier furnace parts for service and repair of all Carrier HVAC equipment.