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D&M Heating & Air Conditioning Installs SecureAire Purifiers

When you think about the amount of time you spend inside your home, it makes sense that indoor air quality has become such a focal point for homeowners and HVAC installation companies. D&M Heating and Air Conditioning is proud to offer our customers whole-home air purification system installation in Milwaukee, WI with the SecureAire air purifier. Indoor air is filled with pollutants, particulates, mold, and allergens that we breathe in daily and can lead to headaches, coughs, stuffy noses, and other reactions we might not realize are the result of unpurified air. These days, there’s a broader focus on the importance of clean, sterilized air more than ever, and a whole-home air purifier is a solution. Contact D&M Heating and Air Conditioning to learn more about the SecureAire air purifier or request a quote today!

What is the SecureAire Whole-Home Air Purifier?

SecureAire is an air purifying system installed in your home’s central HVAC system. Approved for use in hospitals and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified commercial buildings, it provides high-potency purifying power to effectively clean air and kill up to 99% of the viruses and bacteria in the air you breathe. If it’s good enough for the nation’s hospitals, you can be more than confident that SecureAire will provide exceptional indoor air quality for you and your family for a happier, healthier home. With the trusted services of D&M Heating and Cooling, you know you’ll get a qualified HVAC service company to complete your professional installation and offer reliable maintenance support when needed.

How SecureAire Works to Purify the Air in Your Home

While portable air purifiers may be somewhat effective, they are limited to purifying small areas of the home. The SecureAire whole-home air purifying system is installed in your HVAC’s central system, using the ductwork to reach every room within the house. Most airborne gases and toxins in the air are invisible and weightless, which means they don’t settle and remain in the air with the ability to multiply. Unlike other air purifier filtration systems that must wait for pollutants to pass through or be captured by a filter system, the SecureAire home air system uses ACTIVE Particle Control™ technology. This process pro-actively captures the contaminants and transports them to the filtration cartridge, where the harmful particulates are inactivated, leaving the air in your home clean and pure.

Benefits of a Whole-Home Air Purifier by SecureAire

A SecureAire whole-home air purifier installed by D&M Heating and Air Conditioning comes with many benefits, including:

  • One centrally-installed system without requiring an air purifier for every room
  • Less frequent filter cartridge changes
  • 99% virus- and bacteria-free air
  • Helps to keep your heating and cooling equipment clean
  • Professional installation by a local HVAC company
  • Financing available
  • Smart thermostat compatible

Take the Next Step to get Cleaner Air in Your Home

Studies done by the manufacturer of the SecureAire air purifier show that people spend 90% of their time indoors. Shouldn’t you make sure the air you’re breathing in your home is free of allergens and pollutants? Everything from dog hair and cooking odors to dust mites and pollen infiltrate the air we breathe. Without a proactive approach to cleaning the air, these particles end up in our lungs and can lead to health issues. You and your family deserve to breathe fresh, clean air, and we offer special financing options for HVAC services to make this more affordable. Contact our friendly team today to schedule an estimate for a SecureAire whole-home air purification system.


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