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Contact Us for 24/7 Furnace Repair in Southeast Wisconsin

D&M Heating and Air Conditioning has a reputation for performing outstanding furnace repairs throughout southeast Wisconsin. We use high-quality parts and workmanship to accomplish that task. We can repair your unit so it operates efficiently, which can result in lower utility bills. Whether you require a brand-new furnace installation, or you need a small repair, D&M Heating and Air Conditioning has you covered.

We Provide Yearly Maintenance Services

Ultimately, the most vital defense against furnace failure is preventative maintenance. Most of the time, the furnace is neglected once it’s installed, even though it’s the workhorse of your home’s HVAC system. D&M Heating and Air Conditioning provide yearly maintenance plans that detect small problems before they bring the entire system down. The reason you should place your trust in us is simple: We have maintained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau® since 1979, our past customers rave about our performance, and our technicians are NATE-certified.

Over 40 Years of Experience Installing Carrier Furnaces

D&M Heating & Air Conditioning has more than 40 years of experience installing furnaces in Wisconsin houses. Each of our technicians is NATE-certified and dedicated to customer service. We back our products and our service with Carrier’s exceptional 10-year part warranty, lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty upon timely registration, and a one-year inclusive labor warranty. Contact us today to find out which option is the best fit for your comfort needs. Our furnaces include:

Carrier Infinity 59MN7 Furnace
The Carrier Infinity 59MN7

The 59MN7 offers unmatched efficiency and quietness, making it one of the most advanced Carrier furnaces in production. Using Greenspeed Technology and Infinity Controls, the 59MN7 can make one percent adjustments between 40 and 100 percent capacity, providing the perfect amount of heating for your home. This furnace requires the use of the Infinity Smart Thermostat with WiFi, which D&M Heating and Air Conditioning includes with the installation. This system qualifies for a $200 rebate from Focus on Energy. Ask us today about Financing options and additional Carrier rebates (if applicable)

  • Up to 98.5% AFUE
  • Delivers just the amount of heat needed for longer, quieter run times while minimizing energy use.
  • The quietest furnace you can buy
  • The most efficient furnace you can buy
  • Allows 4 choices of “constant ON” fan speed operation
  • Hybrid Heat compatible
  • Exceptional year-round humidity management when installing as part of a complete Infinity system with an added humidifier
  • The variable-speed blower makes it the best choice for boosting SEER efficiency when matched with appropriate cooling system components
  • In zoned systems improves airflow control for greater comfort and quiet
  • Meets ENERGY STAR® qualifications
59TP6 Furnace at D M Heating and Air Conditioning
The Carrier Infinity 59TN6
  • Up to 96.7 percent AFUE
  • Two-stages of heat for economical operation
  • Variable-speed, ECM blower motor for comfort and quiet operation
  • Ideal Humidity System technology capable to aid heat pump or air conditioner summer dehumidification
  • ComfortFan™ technology allows fan-speed choices in “Constant On” mode
  • Comfort Heat Technology feature intelligently stages heating cycles to reduce temperature swings and improve efficiency
  • Low stage operation up to 90% of time for quiet, energy-efficient operation
  • Infinity intelligence enables self-configuration and easy troubleshooting with Infinity control
  • Meets ENERGY STAR® qualifications

Carrier Performance Gas Furnaces

Keep your Milwaukee home comfortable during cold winter nights by installing a new Carrier furnace. Upgrading your old furnace will create a comfortable environment for your home. It also assures you quieter performance. If you’re looking to heat up your home with a Performance Carrier gas furnace, contact D&M Heating & Air Conditioning for furnace installation. Ask us about Financing options!

Carrier Performance of 59TP6 Furnace in Milwaukee, WI
Carrier Performance 59TP6

Carrier’s Performance furnace series, the 59TP6 can run in low stage up to 90% of the time thanks to a variable-speed blower. Longer low-stage run time gives you better energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort.

  • This unit qualifies for $100 Focus on Energy Rebate
  • Up to 96.5% AFUE
  • Two-stage gas valve
  • Variable-speed, ECM blower motor
  • Pilot-free, hot surface PowerHeat ignition
  • Two-speed inducer motor
  • Aluminized steel clamshell-style primary heat exchanger
  • Stainless steel fin-and-tube design secondary heat exchanger
  • Sound reduction: fully insulated cabinet and QuieTech noise reduction
  • Allows choices of “constant ON” fan speed operation
  • Hybrid Heat compatible

Carrier Comfort Furnaces from D&M Heating and Air Conditioning

Carrier’s Comfort series is popular with our clients all while being 80% quieter than competing brands.  The Comfort series furnace will warm your home without burning through your savings. Considering the Comfort furnace ensures 95 cents of every dollar you spend on natural gas goes towards heating your home, you can’t afford not to have one. Depending on which model you end up choosing, these furnaces include technological advances such as:

  • Pilot-free PowerHeat Ignition which improves efficiency while minimizing service calls for blown pilot lights
  • QuieTech noise reduction technology
  • ComfortFan technology allowing for continuous control of fan speed
  • Constant torque ECM motor, now compliant with government standards
Carrier Comfort Furnaces from D M Heating and Air Conditioning
Carrier Comfort 59SC5

The Carrier Comfort 59SC5 furnace is one of the most economical furnaces available. A fixed-speed blower and single-stage operation make it a quiet and reliable furnace.

  • Up to 96.5% AFUE
  • Quiet Level: Good
  • Comfort Features: Good
Carrier 59SC2 Furnace in Milwaukee
Carrier Comfort 59SC2

Another fixture of the affordable Comfort series from Carrier, the 59SC2 furnace utilizes ComfortFan technology to maximize comfort. A fixed-speed blower and single-stage blower operation make it a comfortable choice.

  • Up to 92% AFUE
  • Quiet Level: Good
  • Comfort Features: Good
Carrier Comfort 58SB0A Furnace at D M Heating and Air Conditioning
Carrier Comfort 58SB0A

Carriers best chimney vented furnace for applications where an existing chimney vented furnace needs to be replaced with like for like.

  • Single-stage gas valve
  • Fixed-speeds constant torque ECM blower motor
  • Pilot-free, hot surface PowerHeat™ ignition
  • Fixed-speed inducer motor
  • Aluminized steel clamshell-style primary heat exchanger

Our Team Works on Furnaces By All Manufacturers

Don’t frantically search for a furnace repair company that handles your furnace brand. Instead, trust our quality workmanship. We work on most gas furnaces, regardless of the brand, and our trucks are stocked with all the parts and filters our team needs to repair the furnace. Our installation services are designed with your comfort in mind. We don’t pressure you, and we make sure your property is respected at all times. When we leave, your furnace is installed and your house remains clean. Additionally, we take care of the paperwork for all warranties and rebates associated with the furnace installation. Call today for emergency and non-emergency furnace repair, installation, and maintenance services.

*Rebates associated with the furnace installation. Contact us today for emergency and non-emergency furnace repair, installation.

HVAC Installation and Service Area in the Greater Milwaukee Area


Because we are an authorized Carrier furnace dealer in Milwaukee, we maintain a stock of Carrier furnace parts for service and repair of all Carrier HVAC equipment.