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Customer Reviews

Furnace was dead and they were at my house within 90 minutes on a non-emergency call. The technician was very fast and knowledgeable, identifying a much cheaper fix than we anticipated. He also did a courtesy review of both furnaces and gave me some pointers on easy but important maintenance I can do myself. Very happy I called these guys!

Peter Parks, 04/02/2019

After unsuccessfully attempting to replace a thermostat on our own, we couldn't get the old thermostat to work. The expert from D&M helped me find my wiring error over the phone, getting the heat running and saving us an emergency weekend service fee. The gentleman I spoke with was not only professional and knowledgeable, but helpful and understanding of our situation. I have had D&M Heating fix my furnace and ac in the past and was very pleased at that time, too. I highly recommend them.

C Kaddatz1, 04/02/2019

D & M Heating removed my oil furnace and installed a new natural gas furnace. I am very happy with the quality, price and speed of their service. I would highly recommend them.

Nathan Kleinhans, 05/27/2019

I was out of town a couple weeks ago and my wife was home alone. She calls me at 10:00 pm and says the furnace isn't working. I called D & M and left a message. Ten minutes later Jeff called me and he came out within the hour. He got the furnace running. He then gave me several options. I decided to have D & M replace the furnace as it was 18 years old and we had several costly repairs done already to it. They came out the next afternoon and installed a new furnace. Did a great job. I was not a customer of D & M at the time and they still treated us like we were long time customers with them. They do what they say and they do it well!

Randall Evchuk, 04/02/2019

I was given a time frame of 1p-4p and the technician showed up at 230. Tim was great! He was very knowledgeable and professional when explaining what was causing our furnace to not heat. I would recommend this business to anyone.

Josh Masterman, 02/01/2019

Adam came to perform a routine fall cleaning and checkup on my furnace in preparation for the winter season. He was very helpful in explaining the type of furnace filter I have, since I recently moved into this house, and informed me about the age of the furnace and the fact that the fan had been replaced at some point, as it was newer than the furnace unit which is over 20 years old. He did tell me that I may need to replace the furnace in a few years, but that it is working fine now. He fully explained the costs of maintaining my furnace and air conditioning systems on an individual service basis or on a service contract, so I opted to go with the annual contract option. He left the furnace area cleaner after servicing it that it was before. I am completely satisfied with the service he provided.

Michael Bogumill, 12/01/2018

Kind, Knowledgeable and FAST. Christine is the most helpful person when schedule your service and Tim was the man who fulfilled our service request. The whole process was so easy to schedule and when Tim arrived ON-TIME (actually a few minutes early) he was thorough and offered honest advice without trying to sell us on anything extra. He was knowledgeable and answered everything questioned we have. Bottom line: call D&M.

Robyn Jewel, 12/01/2018

D&M's employees are honest and quick. We've used them before for A/C, and gave us honest advice on what we need, so when we needed a new furnace (32 year old furnace died), they gave us a good price and a fast, clean, quick installation. Thank you to Jeff, Dustin, and Kraig!

Vogel Account, 01/01/2019

D & M Heating recently replaced our furnace, AC, humidifier, and thermostat. Their service personnel, Dustin and Kraig, did an excellent job with the installation. They were conscientious about their work, communicated effectively, and very knowledgeable about the HVAC systems. Although we were a D & M client for the last 18 years, we did seek competitive bids and decided to stay with D & M, not only for the fair pricing, but more importantly, for the quality service they provided. Their office personnel were courteous and handled all requests promptly. We highly recommend D & M.

Rich Johnson, 12/01/2019

We used D&M Heating for a furnace and air conditioner checkup in the past five months. We purchased our new home and had D&M check the furnace on the day that we got the keys to the new place. They were on time, and the price for the work was great. Today, they did an air conditioner check, as we just wanted to make sure it was working properly, since we have no history with the unit. Adam did a great job, cleaned it out, checked things over, and gave me some great tips on keeping it running smoothly, since the AC unit is 17 years old. I would recommend them to anyone that wants the work done properly, the first time.

Paul New, 08/02/2018

Great service, efficient furnace / ac install. Always have parts - filters etc. On call 24/7/365. Great personal recommendation. Super plus service

Carl Gilmore, 01/02/2019

I have been with D&M heating for at least 18 years now. When we bought our first house, we updated both our furnace and air conditioner. That was about 18 years ago. When we moved, we updated our hot water heat to a 90 something efficient unit and our blower for the air conditioner as well. We are now looking to upgrade the actual air conditioning unit outside and we won't go anywhere else. For the better part of the 18 years, we have always had the same tech come out for regular maintenance. We had somebody different this last time, but he rose to the same standards as our usual guy.

They are honest and fair. After shopping around, I found that they were the least expensive for both service calls and installations. The contractors they use are just as great. We ended up using the same electrician they contracted out to for other jobs around the house.

When you are looking to upgrade a unit, the owner himself will come to the house, look at what you have and what you need and lay it all out there right at your kitchen table.

You cannot go wrong with this company and they stand by both their word and the products they sell.

They are very upfront with their prices and will answer any question that you have and if the person you are asking doesn't have an immediate answer, they get one.

I would suggest them to anyone but especially first time home owners simply because of their prices, knowledge, and the relationship they build with their customers.

After I get my new air conditioner installed, I will update this review but I am confident that I won't be able to add anything new both good or bad because while nobody is perfect, they come pretty close

Tracy Habermeyer

Tracy Smith, 09/01/2018

D&M fit my need for a new boiler into their very packed schedule. Kurt Dodge gave a detailed and accurate estimate. Dustin and Kraig were courteous, efficient, and thoroughly cleaned up after the installation.

John Mackett, 11/01/2018

After calling around for prices on a whole home humidifer D&M Heating was not only the lowest price but the individual I spoke to seemed the most knowledgeable. They recommended the Aprilaire 600 and answered all my questions. I was able to schedule an install date for the following week. Kraig the installer was very courteous and efficient. He got the humidifier installed and showed me how to control it with my Nest thermostat. He cleaned up after himself and was done in about 2 hours. Thank you for providing excellent service.

Erik Maurer, 01/02/2019

Adam & Sean are very professional, knowledgeable, customer centric. I shopped around and found them least expensive. Very impressed with them. Surely my go to place for the future needs.

Manish Sharma, 09/01/2018

Called the morning of the hottest day of the year! D&M came out in a few hours, and had our unit working in minutes! Price was very reasonable! We save their info for future service! Thanks D&M.

Bob Fredrick, 08/02/2018

Was restoring an antique bar for my basement that had been partially refinished. The previous owner tried to strip the paint off. 160 year old paint doesn’t come off easy and so they gave up. In order to cover the remaining paint and have the best looking transition from new paint to the existing the hardware store recommended two coats of oil based primer. After a month the primer was still tacky. The hardware store discussed the issue with the paint manufacturer who determined the problem was not enough air flow and too cool of air in the basement. They recommended a space heater. Waited another couple of weeks with a space heater blowing directly on it. The second coat wasn’t drying at all. I called D & M and talked to Kurt. Kurt came out and quoted roughing in the basement heating. The price seemed like a deal. He sent a couple of technicians who worked quickly and did a great job. The paint dried completely in just a couple of days. Now years later getting the basement completed everything they did works perfect. A great company!

Steven R Libbey, 06/01/2018

Shawn was very help on recommending many helpful hints to maintain my units. I will be calling again for any other issues. Professional and polite service that how Good business is done!

Angel Ortiz, 08/02/2018

Carrier dealer. Service is excellent.

Mike Adamczyk, 03/01/2019

Excellent service. They responded to my furnace failure within an hour and had a temporary fix in place. Then they recommended a new furnace for a reasonable price and I scheduled install. Install was quick, on-time and professional. I would highly recommend.

Josh VanBommel, 06/01/2018

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