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Our trained professionals can help determine if your home could benefit from Zoning. This application is a way for you to control the hot and cold spots in your home by installing motorized dampers into your ductwork, adding on additional thermostats and a main control in the furnace.

D&M uses 2 different Zone systems

ZoneFirst Logo

Zone First

  • A lifetime guarantee on their motorized dampers,
  • 5 year Part warranty on the control in the furnace
  • 5 year Part warranty on the thermostats.

Carrier Logo

Carrier Infinity Zoning

  • For Carrier Infinity furnaces
  • This product has the Infinity Smart Touch with WIFI control
  • All Parts have a 10 year part warranty.

A majority of homes are 2 stories that really struggle with getting proper air flow to the 2nd floor, or even longer ranch style homes that have rooms on both ends.  Let the D&M team help you in understanding if Zoning is the proper fit in your home and budget in making your home the most comfortable it can be.  In addition to being comfortable, it saves you money as well.

Ask Us how today-call 414-281-5350 for more information.