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Your home has either a Boiler or a Furnace, sometimes both sometimes a ductless split for heat-regardless of what you have these units require maintenance.  The professionals at D&M can help with maintaining your valuable investment.

Our gas Furnace tune-ups include the following but not limited to:

  • Check and clean motors-oil if needed
  • Check blower amp draw & inducer amp draw
  • Check the thermostat operation
  • Check the filter -replace if needed
  • Check all wiring, pressure switches and safeties
  • Check the heat exchangers condition
  • Check and clean flame sensor & thermocouple etc
  • Check the venting, traps, hoses etc
  • Vacuum the unit out
  • Check and clean burners and pilot
  • Check and flush drain trap if applicable

We advocate for yearly cleanings so that our trained technicians can spot the worn down parts and recommend repair before they break and you are caught in the cold literally with no heat.

If your home has a humidifier, we can also check that as the humidifier pad needs to be changed yearly.  The hoses and drain pan need to be checked and cleared.  The humidifier is a much needed staple in our long winters providing much relief with moist air to combat colds, dry noses, allergies, and wooden floors.

Contact us today to find out how much a routine maintenance tune-up is for your furnace or a yearly maintenance plan.

HVAC Installation and Service Area in the Greater Milwaukee Area


Because we are an authorized Carrier furnace dealer in Milwaukee, we maintain a stock of Carrier furnace parts for service and repair of all Carrier HVAC equipment.