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Shopping for the Best Smart Thermostats in Milwaukee, WI?

D&M Heating and Air Conditioning Sells Thermostats 

D&M Heating & Air Conditioning has been Milwaukee’s preferred air conditioning specialist for over 35 years. Our trained technicians are certified to handle any HVAC inquiry or installation and give you the ideal climate you want for your home. We are also the leading dealer of today’s top residential thermostats and controllers. We work with national brands like Honeywell, Carrier, Ecobee, and PRO1. We can install technology that improves your air quality and climate at the push of a button. Contact us today!

What Does a Thermostat Do?

Our devices let you regulate indoor temperatures to your desired levels. They let you switch between heat and cold as the seasons change. Moreover, they allow you to program all your preferences in advance so that you can have the atmosphere you want for your home at the push of a button. The days of twisting the hand dials on your thermostat and waiting for the air to “kick on” are gone. Thermostats put the power of complete temperature control right at your fingertips.

D&M Heating and Air Conditioning Sells Thermostats

D&M Heating & Air Conditioning installs top-of-the-line thermostats and controls that let you breathe easy, including the following:

  • The Carrier Infinity System: With Carrier’s Infinity system, the temperature, airflow, and humidity of your house are all controlled from one spot in the home with an easy-to-use interface. These controls are meant to emphasize comfort management with energy savings. This easy-to-use interface adapts, learns, and communicates with the Infinity System components. You can command every facet of the system, or let it do the work for you. The Infinity Control also reminds you of routine maintenance for the whole system plus for the humidifier or germicidal UV lamp. You can also view your system performance at the touch of a button, 24/7 with the large, easy-to-read LCD screen.

Types of Thermostats That Are Best for Your Wisconsin Home

There are many types of thermostats out there that are available for your home. It is important to know the differences between the devices and differences in how they can improve the climate in your home. D&M Heating & Air Conditioning offers ideal options for residential thermostats with several terrific benefits:

  • Digital Thermostats: Digital thermostats use sensors to measure temperature from the thermometer. They then display that indoor temperature on a digital screen. As temperatures rise and fall, digital thermometers automatically turn your cooling system on or off. You get an ideal atmosphere in your home with a system that is more accurate, easier to use, and more eco-friendly than previous models.
  • Smart Thermostats: Your smart thermostat connects to the Internet in your home. You can control every aspect of your thermostat system from an app on your smartphone, computer, tablet, or other connected devices. Smart thermostats give you full control of advanced functions from far away, day or night. You can check the current temperature levels or change them to suit your comfort needs.

How Do Thermostats Know The Temperature?

Thermostats for Homes in Milwaukee, WI A thermostat knows when your home is too hot or too cold. Thermostats use internal measuring devices to turn electric circuits on and off, based on the temperature in your home.

Thermostats generally have thermistor, bimetallic strips, or gas-filled bellow sensors built into them to accurately measure temperature and turn the system on or off.

We sell and install programmable or non-programmable thermostats with some WIFI capability!

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Additional HVAC Assistance & Services

D&M Heating and Air Conditioning offer other services to our customers in the Milwaukee area. In addition to thermostat and controller sales, we also install, repair, and maintain HVAC systems. We are an authorized Carrier furnace dealer in Milwaukee, maintaining a stock of Carrier furnace parts for service and repair of all Carrier HVAC equipment. Our company also offers emergency services 24/7. Contact us today for all of your HVAC needs.

Contact D&M Heating and Air Conditioning

Talk to our HVAC pros today for the very best thermostats and advanced indoor controller technology. Our teams of salespeople and installers have been working in the Milwaukee area for over 35 years, and we can help you too.

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Because we are an authorized Carrier furnace dealer in Milwaukee, we maintain a stock of Carrier furnace parts for service and repair of all Carrier HVAC equipment.