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Your home is your kingdom. It's your refuge from the elements all year long. Unfortunately, most homes aren't as comfortable as they should be. That's because there's only one thermostat to control the varying temperature needs of the entire house. The solution is the Carrier Zone system, which regulates desired comfort levels within the home.

Listed below is an explanation of a two-zone system. Our Waukesha HVAC technicians have also installed three & four zone systems when it's appropriate. Carrier has had a firm grasp on heating and cooling since 1903. By offering effective, reliable and affordable Wisconsin heating and cooling products, D & M Heating and Cooling has maintained the trust of homeowners just like you.

Waukesha Home Heating and Cooling Single-Level Zoning
Single-story homes are challenging because living areas, as well as bedrooms, are spread out across one level. The comfort needs in these areas often change as the day goes on, and generally there's only one thermostat to regulate the entire level.

Single-level homes are notorious for shifting hot and cold spots as the sun moves throughout the day. Large trees, the direction the home faces, large windows, skylights and fireplaces may also greatly effect indoor temperatures.

Wisconsin HVAC Zoning Solutions
Selective temperature regulation is critical for an energy efficient and cost-effective household. The Carrier heating and cooling zone system can supply more comfort to the areas in-use, while conserving energy in areas not in-use.

Another option is to divide your home according to Mother Nature's comfort schedule. If the sun's effects keep the front rooms warmer in the morning and colder in the afternoon, zoning can help you maintain more consistent temperatures all day long.

Milwaukee Heating and Cooling Multi-Level Zoning
Carrier Comfort Zone - Multi-Level ZoningMulti-story homes cause problems because warm air naturally rises and cold air naturally falls. One thermostat simply cannot keep the entire home consistently comfortable.

Carrier Comfort Zone - Multi-Level ZoningLarge rooms, Mother Nature, high ceilings and many other variables make controlling indoor temperatures a real challenge.

Wisconsin Heating and Cooling Zoning Solutions
The most likely solution in a multi-level dwelling is to separate the upper floor. Typically, this means keeping the bedrooms separate from the main living areas. D & M Heating & Air Conditioning has the Waukesha heating and cooling specialists to analyze your needs and develop a plan to make your home a more comfortable place to live with Carrier heating and cooling zoning equipment.

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