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Wisconsin heating and air conditioning news helps you, the Waukesha Air Conditioner and furnace consumer, to understand aspects of the HVAC industry, which may impact your heating and cooling costs and the comfort of your home.

Our climate features very cold, dry winters and hot, humid summers. The best heating and cooling system Milwaukee has to offer will save energy, while making your home more comfortable. In the interest of unlocking the mystery of the right choice for residential heating and cooling systems, D & M Heating & Air Conditioning is providing news articles to help residents like you understand what matters in home heating and cooling.  

Check back often. New Wisconsin heating and cooling articles, including tips on minimizing your heating and cooling costs while maximizing your home comfort will be continually added.

July 3, 2012

This year, the cost of R-22 refrigerant (most likely known as 'Freon') has tripled since last year. D & M Heating and Air Conditioning takes leaks seriously.  They are expensive to you as a homeowner and damaging to the ozone layer. We will work to find any and all leaks and accurately repair them.

If your system requires recharging of refrigerant, our technician will weigh the refrigerant tank as he removes it from his service vehicle, charge your system and then weigh the tank as he re-secures it in the vehicle. You pay only for the exact amount of refrigerant used. No guessing or 'minimum fill' at D & M Heating.

Sept 1, 2010

With summer flooding of basements this year, homeowners need to be smart and cautious when it comes to their Milwaukee furnace units and water heating units. The Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association (GAMA) strictly emphasizes any gas appliance (furnace, water heater, clothes dryer) which has had water over the level of the burners should be REPLACED, without attempting to repair it.

D & M Heating agrees with this warning. Our NATE certified Waukesha HVAC technicians will evaluate your equipment for damage, but we will not attempt to light or start water damaged appliances. If you have any questions regarding flooded equipment, please call our office at 414-281-5350.

Contact our Wisconsin HVAC specialists today to learn how we can better assist you in comfort and energy efficiency. 

Milwaukee Heating and Cooling News

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