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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Many studies have shown modern homes are being constructed with better techniques, making them more energy efficient and easier to heat or cool. However, these improvements have created a drawback by trapping contaminated air inside. The air in our homes can become full of indoor pollutants, including:
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Animal Dander
  • Hair
  • Dust Mites
  • Tobacco Smoke
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria

The typical throwaway furnace filter only traps about 5 - 15% of these polluting particles. The indoor air quality of your Milwaukee or Waukesha home directly affects both your comfort and health, especially for children who are at risk for developing allergies or asthma. D&M Heating and Cooling offers a variety of indoor air quality products designed to improve the health of you and your family. 

Indoor Air Filters Improve Air Quality in Waukesha and Milwaukee Homes

At D&M Heating, we sometimes view dirty filters differently than our customers.  To us, finding a dirty filter is a good thing. It means the system has worked!  It has done its job to remove airborne dirt from your home. Some of our high performance filters are recommended to work for up to one year, but in some cases, they get dirty faster. Living conditions, pets, and the number of family members going in and out the door every day can affect the lifetime of your filter. Just remember that all of the dirt in your filter is dirt that is no longer in your home to sit on the furniture or be breathed into your lungs.

Cleaning your home might not be enough to remove air irritants. Even if you scrub your house from top to bottom, it only takes one open door or window to let in more pollutants. For this reason, D&M Heating recommends investing in air filters and cleaning systems for the HVAC in your house. 

Indoor Air Quality Systems Designed with Optimum Efficiency 

When used properly some or all of these indoor air quality products can help reduce or eliminate the effects of allergies and other airborne illnesses.

Heat Recovery VentilatorAir to air heat exchangers - Often called HRV's (Heat Recovery Ventilators) or ERV's (Energy Recovery Ventilators), these indoor air quality devices bring in fresh, outdoor air without sacrificing comfort. They have a heat exchanger that transfers the energy, and in some cases, humidity from the outgoing, stale air to the incoming fresh air. They can be run on a timer, thermostat, or for the ultimate in comfort, the Carrier Infinity control.

Carrier Infinity Air PurifierElectronic air cleaners - The best in whole house air filtration. These indoor air quality units can remove smoke particles, allergens, household dust, even viruses and bacteria. Sizes and prices vary for each electronic air cleaner unit.

Carrier Bypass HumidifierHumidifiers - Without the proper indoor humidity level, your home will not be as comfortable as it should be. In fact, in the winter many homes are drier than a desert! By adding the right amount of humidity during the winter months, many people are able to turn down the temperature in their home, improve their breathing and be more comfortable.


HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) Filters
are up to 99.8% effective in removing indoor airborne particles, but cannot be used as the only filter in a ducted system as they are too restrictive. HEPA filters can be added as a bypass-type filter.

Media Air Filters - Use disposable filters between MERV 8 and MERV 16. MERV is the industry’s acronym for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. A higher MERV offers more effective indoor air filtration, but can slow air flow down too much for certain systems. Media air filters trap indoor air particles as small as .3 microns. By effectively removing bacteria, pollen, plant spores, some viruses, smoke, animal dander, lint and dust from the air, the quality of indoor air is vastly improved. Media air filters far outperform the standard throw away filters, which are commonly found in Milwaukee heating and cooling equipment. These indoor air filters usually last 6 months to 1 year, and are very easy to service.

Carrier Ultraviolet LampsUltraviolet Lamps - Using the same process as natural sunlight, UV disinfection combats harmful bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and other microscopic living organisms, common in many Milwaukee home indoor duct work. This same indoor air quality process has been utilized in sanitary hospital rooms for many years. When coupled with an electronic air cleaner or high efficient air filter, these ultraviolet lamps can make your Milwaukee or Waukesha home much safer to breathe in!

Stop Pollutants and Pollen this Spring

A warm winter can mean higher pollen counts in the spring and summer. For allergy sufferers, this can make life miserable as they constantly deal with itchy eyes or a runny nose. The right filter or cleaners from D&M Heating will put your allergies at ease this year as you enjoy clean air throughout your house.

To learn more about our indoor air quality products call 414-281-5350, or contact our Waukesha HVAC technicians directly at D and M Heating in Milwaukee.

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