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Furnaces play background to your life. They are the mostly silent guardians of your meaningful moments. Your furnace plays host to cookie baking lessons, birthday sleepovers, and countless family meals. Furnaces are especially important for Milwaukee-area residents because we spend at least 70 percent of our free time in our homes during the winter. Comfort matters when winds howl outside. You deserve to enjoy your warmth while your furnace obediently hums along. 

D & M knows that furnaces don’t make themselves known until they break down, especially during blustery Milwaukee winters. Then they make life miserable until repair. Furnace breakdowns always happen at inopportune moments. The need to repair or replace a furnace hangs over your head. It disrupts your plans and your focus on what matters to you. 
D & M Milwaukee understands the hassle of a broken or worn out heating system. For over 35 years, we’ve been repairing furnaces so they seemingly disappear. We can make your heater disappear too whether you have a forced air (furnace), hot water or steam system. We also know the hassle of an inordinate estimate, so we’ll replace or repair your furnace at the best price of any Milwaukee HVAC dealer and back our work with our furnace warranties
Our Carrier furnaces save Milwaukee families money over time with our cash back rewards. Our high efficiency models reduce energy bill costs. Their durability keeps them invisible throughout their lifetime, especially with our maintenance and repair plans. Many Carrier furnace models like the Infinity qualify you for a rebate from Wisconsin Focus on Energy specific to Milwaukee residents. You can save even more money by matching your new system with one of our high-tech HVAC controls. D&M also uses zoning to customize your HVAC solution to the unique layout of your home and ensure proper humidity

Milwaukee Furnace Repair, Installation and Maintenance

D & M Heating & Air Conditioning is your simple solution to keeping your home heated and cozy all winter long. We provide timely Milwaukee and Waukesha county furnace repair services to keep your furnace working properly and keep your family comfortable at all times, including 24-hour emergency furnace repair in Waukesha and Milwaukee. Time for a new furnace? Our expert Milwaukee HVAC technicians will professionally install a new Carrier Heating System, providing you with the best in service and quality product. Keep your heating system operating at full potential and fulfill your warranty requirements with our Milwaukee Heating System Maintenance Plans. We offer several plans to best suit your needs in the most cost-efficient manner.

Wisconsin Carrier Furnace Rebate

Carrier Infinity furnaces and Carrier Performance two stage furnaces qualify for a $125.00 rebate from Wisconsin Focus on Energy through June 30, 2017

We currently have a large stock of CARRIER Performance series two stage furnaces. You get a more efficient, quieter operating unit that will maintain the temperature more consistently.  Let us show you some great pricing and how much you may be able to save on utility cost.

Call for more details at 414-281-5350 or contact a furnace repair specialist today.

Carrier Performance Gas Furnace Units

Carrier 59TP6 furnaceThe Carrier Performance series furnaces at D&M Heating and Cooling keep your home warm during the winter. Our 59TP6 Carrier performance gas furnace have long, low-stage run times. This means higher efficiency, easier control over temperature and better comfort. The Gas furnace produces variable levels of heat output for maximum efficiency.

When purchasing a Carrier gas furnace from D & M Heating and Cooling, expect a quality furnace along with excellent service. Our HVAC technicians will professional install your furnace with ease.

Carrier Infinity Gas Furnace Units

D & M Heating & Cooling also sells Infinity Series gas furnaces in 2 speed and modulating. We also offer the more standard 80% efficient units. Both the infinity and performance series provide very similar features. The infinity does have slightly lower efficiency but still should be considered when purchasing a gas furnace for your home.

Carrier Comfort Furnace Units

D & M Heating and Air Conditioning sells and installs the whisper quiet Comfort series furnace from Carrier. 80% quieter than the competition, the Comfort furnace comes backed by a comprehensive warranty. D & M's NATE certified technicians specialize in installing high tech furnaces like the Carrier Comfort series.  

Contact our HVAC specialist today! For help on deciding what gas furnace is right for you.

What Are the Advantages of Furnaces?

Carrier Furance MilwaukeeIf you already have an air conditioner, adding a furnace won’t require any new ductwork to be installed as the necessary air ducts already exist in your home. Heated air fills your entire home through the ducts, making every room comfortable and cozy.

Furnace heat can be controlled with a thermostat for easy use. When paired with a humidifier, you will be able to achieve more comfortable air at a lower temperature, reducing heating costs. You won’t have to worry about the damages of dry air with proper levels of humidity.

Increase Furnace Efficiency to Reduce Heating Cost in Milwaukee

Consistent furnace maintenance increases longevity and efficiency, so you can invest more money in your Milwaukee lifestyle. Keep your furnace optimal with these techniques:  

  • Replace or clean filters regularly. 
  • Seal heating pipes and air ducts
  • Clean the heat exchange on your furnace

There are also many ways to reduce your Heating cost including:

  • Open shades and curtains during winter months to let warm air in
  • Weather strip windows and doors to keep warm air in
  • Add insulation to walls, under doorways to retain heat
  • Install a programmable thermostat. Reduces heating cost by 10% a year

Emergency Repair Specialist Available 24/7 for your Furnace

D & M Heating &  Air Conditioning is available for 24-hour emergency furnace repair services. We understand you can’t prepare for when your Carrier furnace does the unexpected and breaks down. Our furnace technicians are always ready to hear from you. Give us a call and our technicians will be on the phone immediately. The comfort of your home is our job, and we are committed to making your Milwaukee home as comfortable as possible.

Don’t wait. Have your Carrier furnace repaired today!

The Best HVAC Contractors in Southeastern Wisconsin

D & M Heating & Air Conditioning provides reliable HVAC services throughout the Milwaukee area. We will have your AC unit or furnace repaired quickly. Our services provide many homes with comfort. When our NATE certified HVAC technicians come to your home, you will be greeted politely and given suggestions on how to repair your HVAC system.

Contact our heating and cooling business in Milwaukee WI today for more information on all our Wisconsin HVAC products and services.

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