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Milwaukee Heating & Air Conditioning System Controls

Heating and air conditioning system controls are an incredible way for homeowners to easily control everything from the temperature to the humidity of their house. Without the proper technology, your home HVAC system will not be able to perform the way you want. Yet many Wisconsin homeowners rely on outdated control systems, unaware they may be increasing their energy bills as a result. We offer Carrier's Infinity Control for maximum comfort, as well as more traditional HVAC control solutions.

Carrier Infinity Controller for HVAC Systems in Wisconsin

Performance Edge ControlWith Carrier's Infinity system, the temperature, airflow, and humidity of your house are all controlled from one spot in the home, with an easy to use interface. These controls are meant to emphasize comfort management with energy savings. Newer Infinity controls even come equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities, to make controlling your HVAC system easy wherever you are.

The TrueSense™ dirty filter detection system reminds you when it's time to change your media filter. And when you add a humidifier, germicidal UV lamps or ventilators, the Infinity™ Control also reminds you for their routine maintenance. And view your system performance at the touch of a button, 24/7 a week with the industry's largest, easy-to-read LCD screen.

Compatible Controls for Multiple Systems

For those without the Infinity system, we offer highly accurate digital thermostats for your central furnace & air conditioning systems, both programmable and non-programmable. We install humidistats that monitor outdoor temperature, as well as indoor humidity, allowing you to set the level once, and not worry about too much or too little moisture. For hot water systems, we can integrate domestic hot water production along with multiple zoned heating. In addition, indoor-outdoor controls can significantly reduce the cost of running a hot water system.

Milwaukee Heating System Controls for Energy Efficiency and Convenience

D & M Heating & Air Conditioning carries an extensive line of quality, energy efficient furnace controls. Our ENERGY STAR approved Milwaukee heating controls allow you to regulate your home’s heating, while saving you money. Our convenient programmable furnace controls allow you to better regulate and stabilize your home’s temperature while saving you money. Don’t be left in the cold this season; join the energy conservation movement and control your indoor environment today. Check out Wisconsin Focus on Energy today for more information on how you may qualify for available energy efficient rebates, incentives, and other energy conservation programs. Contact D&M Heating & Air Conditioning Milwaukee today to learn more about saving on your energy costs and efficiently heating your home with our professional Milwaukee heating services and products.

More and more of our customers are asking about WIFI thermostats.  We are proud to announce that we install the "ECOBEE" brand of WIFI controls.  Our technicians and installers are fully trained on these units and several of them have them in their own homes.  If you are interested, please call us for more information. 

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