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Boilers are popular for their energy-saving heating capabilities in Wisconsin’s blustery winters. For many decades, D & M has installed cost-effective, high quality boilers, satisfying numerous commercial and residential clients. Our boiler models are the best on the market, distributing the right amount of heat throughout your home or building. Boilers require little maintenance and are unlikely to fail. D & M also offers affordable boiler maintenance and repair services, examining our clients boilers to prevent arising issues. 

D & M Heating & Air Conditioning in Milwaukee has been providing service and installation of hot water and steam central heating boilers in Milwaukee since 1979. Many people have realized the benefits of in-floor heating as well as domestic hot water production recently. There is nothing quite like standing on a warm floor in the winter. If you've ever stood on a warm driveway in the summer, you've felt this type of radiant heating in person. In addition, hot water heat lends itself to HVAC zoning, for an even higher level of comfort.

Today's central heating hot water systems can deliver the highest comfort levels, as well as economical operation. New gas boilers are up to 95% Efficient. Most new central heating boilers modulate the burners based on outdoor temperatures and demand for heat indoors. New circulating pumps are quieter and generally require less maintenance. For total energy savings in Wisconsin, couple your boiler to the domestic hot water tank for virtually unlimited hot water.

Boiler vs Furnace: Whats the difference?

The difference between a boiler and a furnace is how the heat is distributed. A boiler uses hot water to heat your home while a furnace uses warm air. If you have baseboards, you have a boiler. While a furnace has blower motor to blow air through the air ducts and into your home.

Maintenance for a boiler and furnace are not the same. An air filter needs to be changed regularly on your furnace to maximize efficiency of your central heating system. While a boiler needs to excess air available at all times. If you have sections of your room that are improperly heating, then it’s time for maintenance on your boiler. Although this can be done on purpose and can be an advantage, because a boiler heats up different zones in your house allowing you to save money. The disadvantage then is it increases humidly levels. By using a humidifier you can easily change humidity levels in different areas of your home.

Understand the difference between a boiler vs a furnace can lead you to the proper central heating and cooling equipment for your home. For questions on your boiler or Carrier furnace please contact D&M Heating and Cooling boiler contracters or get your free quote today.

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What Are the Advantages of Boilers?

Carrier Boiler MilwaukeeBoilers do not usually need a humidifier since they do not heat the air directly like a furnace system. While there is no downside to using both together, it is not required.

Different thermostats can be used to control different heating “zones”. This is to save energy as certain rooms won’t receive heat if they are not being used. You may set up your zones during the installation process for greater heating efficiency, such as including all bedrooms in one zone so your family may have assured heat when they sleep.

View some of the Wisconsin HVAC services we've performed in our ever-expanding photo gallery to see the highest quality workmanship at the most competitive pricing.

We also work on and install steam heating systems in Milwaukee and Waukesha counties. These systems require a high degree of knowledge to work properly, and we are happy to provide the expertise you need. We do not service inside the city limits of Waukesha WI.

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