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In oppressive Milwaukee humidity we know the refreshment of that cool splash of air when you enter your air conditioned home. All you need is a frosty glass of lemonade (or something else) and your rocking chair parked by the air conditioning vent to send the dog days to the dog house. This is comfort, and D & M Air Conditioning is committed to bringing it to your family.  As a full service Milwaukee air conditioning contractor, we ensure your quality of life with the quality of our work.

We sell and install cooling systems and offer Wisconsin air conditioner repair. We install Carrier air conditioners in Milwaukee because they ensure the most reliable comfort, the highest efficiency, and the longest service life of any air conditioner. Carrier air conditioners are supported by a warranty unsurpassed in the cooling industry. D&M technicians are standing by with an array of Carrier air conditioning products to design a home cooling solution customized to the lifestyles of Milwaukee families. Currently, we sell Infinity, Comfort, and Performance Carrier air conditioners from our Milwaukee location.  

D & M Heating & Air Conditioning also offers Wisconsin air conditioner repair and maintenance plans. We are your Milwaukee air central air and heating contractor of choice.  

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D & M Heating & Air Conditioning provides your family with the best home comfort solutions. Our NATE-certified Milwaukee cooling system technicians are masterful in air conditioning repairs and air conditioning installations. With our expert Milwaukee and Waukesha air conditioning services, you’ll stay cool during Milwaukee’s sweltering summer days. Our air conditioners and equipment are top-of-the-line. We work with the most trusted air conditioner brands in the industry such as Carrier. Don’t break a sweat worrying about air conditioning this summer in Milwaukee. Call your Milwaukee air conditioning experts at D & M Heating & Air Conditioning. We offer complete Wisconsin central air services, including affordable air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance for all your home comfort needs. Currently we offer Carrier air conditioners in the Infinity, Comfort, and Performance series. 

A common central air conditioner problem D & M encounters is refrigerant leaks. Leaks can be difficult to locate and fix, and they can make your life a hassle because they usually shut down your central air conditioner. Let D & M Milwaukee quickly, conveniently repair your leak so you don’t have to worry. We locate air conditioner leaks in several ways. First, if the system is empty, we use a high pressure dry nitrogen charge and listen for the leak. If we cannot locate the leak, we inject a fluorescent dye into the air conditioning unit with a new charge of refrigerant. If the system continues to leak, we employ an ultra-violet light and search for evidence of the dye that leaked with the refrigerant. Our air conditioning repair techniques are precise, environmentally conscious, and safe for Milwaukee families. 

Once we determine the cause of the air conditioning leak, our Milwaukee technicians provide a fair estimate for the central air repair and fix it as soon as we can, so you can return to enjoying your refreshing indoor air despite Wisconsin’s oppressive summer humidity. 




Milwaukee Air Conditioner Installation and Repair Services

Carrier Air Conditioners Milwaukee

Deciding whether to repair or replace your Milwaukee air conditioner can be difficult. For help deciding, call the Milwaukee air conditioner professionals at D & M Heating & Air Conditioning. You can also read "Repair or Replace your Air Conditioning System." D & M Heating & Air Conditioning proudly sells only the best Carrier air conditioning systems of southeastern Wisconsin. Our seamless installation of a top-of-the-line Carrier air conditioner will blend in to the background again so you can focus on more important things. 

Carrier's top central air conditioner is the Infinity variable stage, the VNA. It is a modulating air conditioner, providing the best in comfort and dehumidification. It is the quietest A/C unit Carrier produces, often no louder than the average refrigerator.

  1. Multiple-stage compressor - pumps refrigerant through the system. Sensors and adaptive memory controls stage the compressor to deliver the right amount of cooling in all conditions.
  2. Carrier Infinity™ electronic control board - allows precise control of variable-stage operation and works with the Infinity™ Control for the ultimate in comfort.  Carrier's smart electronics track previous cycles and automatically select the best settings for maximum comfort.
  3. Copper Microtube™ / aluminum fin coil - transfers heat outside to maximize indoor cooling while resisting corrosion.
  4. Carrier's exclusive Silencer System II™ - delivers quieter operation by optimizing airflow, minimizing vibration, and using sound-absorbing materials. The five key components include:
    SEER Carrier Airconditioner
    1. Silencer top
    2. Integrated fan motor and blade
    3. Compressor vibration isolator plate
    4. Sound hood
    5. Split-post compressor grommets
  5. High- and low-pressure switches - protect the system from damage by shutting it off when harmful conditions are detected.
  6. Carrier Filter Drier - filters the refrigerant to remove moisture or contaminants that can harm your air conditioning system.
  7. Carrier WeatherArmor Ultra™ protection package - combines four design elements that protect your comfort.
    1. Galvanized steel cabinet
    2. Louvered coil guard
    3. Baked-on powder coat paint
    4. Painted ceramic-coated screws

Air Conditioner FAQs

What is "high efficiency"?

The minimum efficiency for current air conditioners is 13 SEER. The minimum standard was raised from 10 to 13 in 2006, a 23% increase in energy efficiency requirements. Any rating above 15 SEER is considered high efficiency in the Milwaukee market - D & M Heating & Air Conditioning carries air conditioners up to SEER 21, which saves you monthly on energy bills. 

What is SEER?

SEER measures efficiency. The acronym stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. SEER rating is based on the cooling output of an air conditioner during a given cooling season. The output is divided by the energy input it consumed during that same time period. SEER reveals the cost effectiveness of your air conditioner. For example, a unit that is 10 to 15 years old is commonly a 10 SEER. Let's assume that unit costs 100.00 per month to run. A 13 SEER unit, running in the same month and conditions, would have done the same cooling work for about 77.00. D & M Heating and Air Conditioning's most efficient unit is a Carrier 21 SEER. For only 48.00 per month the Carrier model would perform the same as the other two. The high efficiency Carrier in this scenario would reduce your monthly air conditioning by over half! 

What refrigerants are used in air conditioners?

Refrigerants are chemicals that help air conditioners cool your home. Freon was once the prevalent air conditioning chemical, but it has declined in popularity because of detrimental effects on the environment. Freon was proven a main contributor to ozone depletion in the '90s. Its production is banned. By 2020, the FDA plans to phase freo out as an air conditioner refrigerant.

If your current air conditioner still uses Freon, you will eventually have to replace it with an air conditioner that runs on Puron® or an alternative air conditioning refrigerant. Our Milwaukee air conditioning experts will help you select a central air unit to cool your home with environmentally friendly refrigerants.  

What about the new refrigerant, Puron®?

Puron® is the replacement refrigerant in most manufacturers' residential air conditioning systems, including Carrier. Puron® air conditioning refrigerant is environmentally sound. It won't deplete the ozone layer. It was introduced in 1996, and Carrier was the first central air manufacturer to introduce this refrigerant in their air conditioner units. The cooling and performance of Puron® feels the same as other air conditioning refrigerants, if not better. 

Are larger air conditioners more efficient?

Having a larger air conditioning unit does not mean your house will be cooler. In fact, it may mean the opposite. The D & M Heating & Air Conditioning experts can zone your Milwaukee home to decide which air conditioning unit would be best for the size of your home and your cooling needs.

How can I make my home cooler without raising costs?

It is early spring, and Milwaukee is anticipating warmer weather in only a few months and then the humid Milwaukee air of the summer. D & M Air Heating and Air Conditioning wants you to save money on your central air bill this summer, so you have more money for your summer expenses like vacations, patio furniture and yard work equipment. Here are some air conditioning tips that D & M’s own central air technicians use in their homes each summer to save money on air conditioning. 

Enhance Air Circulation 

D & M Heating and Air Conditioning sells multiple Carrier central air units designed for maximum circulation. However, if a new air conditioner is not in your budget this summer try some home remedies to keep your central air bill low. Using ceiling fans to circulate your air, for example, helps. Since heat rises, ceiling fans recirculate warm air better than box fans on the floor.  

Seal Central Air Ducts 

Surprisingly, duct tape isn’t for ducts. Duct tape was invented during World War 2 for sealing ammunition boxes. If you use it on your air conditioning vents, your cool air will leak before it can recirculate in your home. The key to airtight, cost-effective sealing is mastic sealant or mastic tape.  Not all of your air conditioning ducts will be accessible because some may be hidden in ceiling panels, but you’ll enhance the efficiency of your central air system by sealing the ducts you can reach. 

Screen Your Windows 

Banish solar-heated air from your home with window screens. A variety of styles are available including transparent sheets made of a metallic substance that deflects heat and bears some of your air conditioner’s cooling burden. The US Department of Energy recommends screening all windows before the summer sun starts baking later in the year, especially windows facing east and west. The move can intercept up to 70% of solar energy, freeing your air conditioner to convert primarily thermal-heated air to that crisp, cool temperature you’ve come to love during sweltering Milwaukee summers.   

Vary Air Conditioner Fan Speed

Your air conditioning fan should usually be on high while your central air is running. However, if Milwaukee’s forecasters are predicting a humid day, reduce your fan speed to low. It will reduce moisture build-up in your air conditioning unit and relieve some of the conversion burden of your central air system. 

Don't feel like taking these steps on your own? Contact our reputable Milwaukee Air Conditioning technicians today to learn how we can create a service plan for you or estimate the cost of a new air conditioning system. 

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