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Carrier air quality sytems for a cleaner house, and fewer allergens Air Quality Don’t breathe stale air ever again with a Carrier Humidifier from D&M Humidifiers D&M is Milwaukee’s factory authorized Carrier Boiler dealer Boilers Shop HVAC controls from D&M Controls D&M keeps Milwaukee cool with Carrier Air Conditioners Air Conditioner Stay warm even in the harshest Wisconsin winters with a Carrier Furnace from D&M Furnaces Air QualityThe indoor air quality of your Milwaukee or Waukesha home directly affectsboth your comfort and health,especially for children who are atrisk for developing allergies or asthma.

Get in the Zone – The Climate Zone!

Regulate climate and air quality throughout your entire home with Carrier Zoning Systems installed by D&M Heating & Air Conditioning. Contact us for a free quote!

Comprehensive Zoning Solutions in Wisconsin

D&M Heating & Air Conditioning designs comprehensive zoning systems for Wisconsin homes. A zoning system can save you money in the long run. Multi-level zoning will keep your upper floor cool, your basement warm, and your first floor comfortable. With all of these systems working in tandem your entire home will stay a comfortable temperature without negatively impacting your energy bill.

Zoning Solutions for Optimal Home Comfort in Southeastern Wisconsin

Milwaukee HVAC Technicians Deliver Heating & Cooling Solutions Customized to Your Home's Layout

Most homes aren't as comfortable as they could be when it comes to indoor air quality and temperature. This is because there's usually only one thermostat to control the varying temperature needs of the entire house. The solution: Carrier Zone Systems. These systems regulate desired comfort levels within the home.

Our professional installers can install everything from two zones, to even three or four zone systems depending on the size and layout of your home. By offering effective, reliable and affordable Wisconsin heating and cooling products, D&M Heating & Air Conditioning has maintained the trust of homeowners just like you since 1979. 

Carrier Comfort Zone - Multi-Level ZoningSingle-Level Zoning

Single-story homes are challenging because living areas, as well as bedrooms, are spread out across one level. The comfort needs in these areas often change as the day goes on, and generally there's only one thermostat to regulate the entire level.

Selective temperature regulation is critical for an energy efficient and cost-effective household. The Carrier zone system can supply more comfort to the areas in-use, while conserving energy in areas not in-use.

Milwaukee Heating and Cooling Multi-Level ZoningCarrier Comfort Zone - Multi-Level Zoning

Multi-story homes cause problems because warm air naturally rises and cold air naturally falls. One thermostat simply cannot keep the entire home consistently comfortable.

The most likely solution in a multi-level dwelling is to separate the upper floor. Typically, this means keeping the bedrooms separate from the main living areas. D&M Heating & Air Conditioning has the experienced heating and cooling specialists required to analyze your needs and develop a plan to make your home a more comfortable place to live with Carrier heating and cooling zoning equipment.

D&M offers HVAC services in New Berlin, Mukwonago, Waukesha, Milwaukee, Elm Grove, Greendale, Butler and throughout all of Southeastern Wisconsin.

Contact our Milwaukee heating and cooling experts today to learn more about making your home comfortable, energy efficient and affordable.