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Carrier air quality sytems for a cleaner house, and fewer allergens Air Quality Don’t breathe stale air ever again with a Carrier Humidifier from D&M Humidifiers D&M is Milwaukee’s factory authorized Carrier Boiler dealer Boilers Shop HVAC controls from D&M Controls D&M keeps Milwaukee cool with Carrier Air Conditioners Air Conditioner Stay warm even in the harshest Wisconsin winters with a Carrier Furnace from D&M Furnaces Air QualityThe indoor air quality of your Milwaukee or Waukesha home directly affectsboth your comfort and health,especially for children who are atrisk for developing allergies or asthma.

Wisconsin Humidifier Installation

Don’t breathe stale and scratchy air all winter long! A humidifier unit will keep your family comfortable.

Contact D&M for fast and easy humidifier installation and repair.

Milwaukee Humidifier Installation

If your sinuses are dryer than a desert in the winter stale air is likely to blame. D&M Heating & Air Conditioning installs humidifier units in Wisconsin homes. A power or bypass humidifier keeps air moist year-round to ensure your home stays comfortable. No more dry sinuses, static shocks from the carpet or splitting woodwork.

D&M Heating & Air Conditioning has kept Wisconsin homes comfortable year round for nearly forty years. Whether you need to repair or install a state-of-the-art HVAC or Indoor Air Quality system, D&M Heating & Air Conditioning will ensure the air in your home is breathable and clean.

Power & Bypass Humidifiers Installation in Milwaukee

Wisconsin families know how miserable the dry air of winter can be. Having a reliable, top-of-the-line furnace system or efficient boiler will keep your family warm, yet there are more ways to make your home more enjoyable in the long, cold months.

Without a properly maintained humidity level, the air in your home will be dry and miserable in the winter. Humidifying the air will make it more comfortable, allowing you to turn down the thermostat and put less strain on the heating system. 

Power Humidifiers V. Bypass Humidifiers

There are two primary humidifiers used in homes: power humidifiers and bypass humidifiers.

Power humidifiers use a fan to blow the moist air into the heating unit's air stream. These are generally used in larger homes or where more humidity is needed.

Bypass humidifiers utilize the furnace blower to circulate the moist air into the air stream. Bypass humidifiers are primarily used in smaller homes where less humidity is required or where space is limited.

Carrier Humidifiers from Milwaukee’s HVAC Technicians

D&M Heating & Air Conditioning sells all models of Carrier humidifiers in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your home. The humidifier model you need depends on the space you have to humidify.

We can install humidistats that monitor the outdoor temperature, as well as the indoor humidity level so they can be set once and never have to be worried about again. Both units also have a flow through design, so there is no stagnant water sitting in the unit. These humidifiers also diminish lifting sloshing buckets of dirty water.

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