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Carrier air quality sytems for a cleaner house, and fewer allergens Air Quality Don’t breathe stale air ever again with a Carrier Humidifier from D&M Humidifiers D&M is Milwaukee’s factory authorized Carrier Boiler dealer Boilers Shop HVAC controls from D&M Controls D&M keeps Milwaukee cool with Carrier Air Conditioners Air Conditioner Stay warm even in the harshest Wisconsin winters with a Carrier Furnace from D&M Furnaces Air QualityThe indoor air quality of your Milwaukee or Waukesha home directly affectsboth your comfort and health,especially for children who are atrisk for developing allergies or asthma.

Milwaukee AC Repair

D&M Heating & Air Conditioning is Milwaukee’s leading Carrier AC installer. Need a new air conditioner? Don’t sweat it! Contact D&M Heating today!

Carrier HVAC Installation & Repair in Wisconsin

Over the last forty years, D&M Heating & Air Conditioning has earned a reputation as Milwaukee’s leading Carrier HVAC installation and repair company. Our commitment to using nothing but high-quality components and dedication to superior service has made us an industry leader. If you need a new air conditioner, or you just need to swap the filter on your current one, contact D&M Heating & Air Conditioning for a free quote.


Air Conditioning Repair & Installation in Milwaukee


Milwaukee Air Conditioner Repair

Milwaukee Air Conditioner RepairAir conditioner repair in Milwaukee doesn't need to be a hassle. D&M offers fast and easy air conditioner repair for homeowners in the greater Milwaukee area. If you’ve been putting off an air conditioning repair all winter, now is the time to finally do it. Our air conditioning technicians are all EPA certified and have the expertise to help you decide what’s best for YOUR specific unit. Waiting too long will just end up costing you more, from a more extensive repair or the mounting costs of your energy bills from a malfunctioning AC unit.

24 Hour HVAC Service & Emergency AC Repair

Don't suffer through a hot and humid summer because you want to avoid the cost of an AC repair. Investing in a properly installed, fully-functioning AC unit will save you money. Whether you need a basic repair or it’s time to replace the unit altogether, we’ll work with you to provide the most functional cooling system for your home.

Did your air conditioner die at three in the morning? D&M offers 24 hour HVAC service.

How to know if your air conditioner needs repair:

Save Money on Air Conditioner Repairs: Schedule Yearly AC Maintenance in Milwaukee

Regular maintenance and proper use will help your new AC unit last longer, helping to keep your home at an ideal temperature. Keeping your house at a moderate temperature even when you are not at home can reduce the strain on your AC unit.

While it is common practice to save money by turning off or keeping temperatures high while you’re not home, this can force your unit to work even harder to cool your home down to your desired temperature. Doing this repeatedly can take years off the life of your AC unit. D&M offers to keep your air conditioner in top shape with the ability to schedule yearly maintenance services.

Schedule Yearly Maintenance

Milwaukee’s Certified Carrier Air Conditioner Dealer

As a full-service air conditioning contractor in Milwaukee, we ensure your quality of life with the high standards of our workmanship. We install Carrier and repair most brands of air conditioning systems in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Our HVAC professionals install Carrier air conditioners in the greater Milwaukee are due to their extended service life and unmatched comfort, efficiency and reliability ratings. We are standing by with an array of products to design a home cooling solution customizable to your family's needs and wants. We install all three series of Carrier air conditioners:

Carrier Infinity Air Conditioner

Carrier Infinity AC Units

The Infinity series, Carrier’s top of the line model, provides unmatched comfort and dehumidification. Up to 21 SEER, the Infinity series is the most energy efficient Carrier air conditioner. With a Silencer top, fan blades and compressor hood, sound levels are as low as 56dB.


Carrier Performance Air Conditioner

Carrier Performance AC Units

Performance air conditioners from Carrier offer up to 17.5 SEER. With a steel coil guard and compressor hood, Performance units offer longer life and quieter operation than standard competing units. Carrier Performance air conditioners are quieter than most modern dishwashers.


Carrier Comfort Air Conditioner

Carrier Comfort AC Units

Even with a single stage compressor, Carrier’s Comfort series offers energy efficiency ratings up to 16.5 SEER, making it the most economical way to improve the efficiency of your central air system. This economical air conditioner delivers Carrier’s proven reliable workmanship.


D&M has nearly four decades of experience installing air conditioners in Milwaukee. In those 40 years, we continuously ranked number one in customer and dealer satisfaction. We were number one when we installed Bryant air conditioners, and we’re number one now that we install Carrier air conditioners. Our technicians have the experience to find the right Carrier air conditioner for your Milwaukee home, ensuring you stay comfortable each and every summer. Contact the HVAC experts at D&M for unmatched Carrier air conditioner installation.


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Air Conditioner WarrantyCarrier Air Conditioners Milwaukee

All these units are backed by D&M Heating's one-year labor warranty and Carrier's ten-year parts warranty. We are so confident in Carrier's quality that we don't put extended labor warranties into our prices. We can offer extended labor warranties up to ten years for an additional cost.

D&M Air Conditioning Experts Serving Southeast Wisconsin

D&M has operated as a top rated air conditioning repair company for nearly 40 years. We promise full satisfaction on any repairs or replacements No matter your cooling needs, our team is certified to service Wisconsin homes with top quality air conditioning repair and installation. From Milwaukee to Muskego and all of Southeast Wisconsin, our trained AC repair technicians are here for you when your AC unit isn’t. We provide:

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