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Milwaukee Heating & Air Conditioning FAQs

D & M Heating and Air Conditioning believes in educating our customers about the industry and our reliable Milwaukee HVAC Company services. All of our products and services are cost-effective and performed right the first time. Our goal is to help you choose the right installation or heating and repair service based on your budget and needs. If you receive a heater or cooler installation from us, we provide expert maintenance tips to help you ensure lasting quality. It’s important to detect premature issues with your boiler, furnace, or air conditioning system before the damage costs increase. 

Below are the most commonly asked questions addressing home heating and cooling queries, including HVAC products in Milwaukee, HVAC services in Waukesha and other general HVAC equipment or system queries. If you don’t find the answer to your question, or if you just aren’t in the mood to read, call D & M Heating & Air Conditioning in Milwaukee with any questions you may have. To conveniently schedule an appointment for one of our NATE certified Milwaukee HVAC Service Technicians to come to your home simply call (414) 281-5350(414) 281-5350. At D & M the entire team is always, “At your service.”

For information on all of our Milwaukee and Waukesha home heating and cooling services , contact our Milwaukee HVAC heating and cooling experts directly.

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What is "high efficiency" for heating?   For Cooling?
What is SEER?
How does a high efficient furnace work?
What else can make my Milwaukee home more comfortable?
What size should my furnace or AC unit be?
Which way does my filter face?
How often should the HVAC system be looked at?
What is NATE certification?
Where did my Freon go?
Can I still get Freon?
How do you find a leak?
What about the new refrigerant, Puron?
What is that black stuff in my drain hose?
What is that black stuff on the walls and registers?
Why are my windows wet?
Why are my sinuses dry? Woodwork splitting? Carpet giving shocks?
What can I do to help allergies?
What is an HVR or ERV?
What does ultraviolet light do?
What about a HEPA filter?
What is the Energy Star label and what does it mean?
What is Hybrid Heat?
Why are my sinuses dry, my woodwork splitting, and my carpet giving shocks?
What if my AC randomly fails on a hot day?
Do you have to be tech-savvy to use your HVAC system controls?
What kind of humidifier should I have installed in my home?
What does the label Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer mean?
What does HVAC mean?
Should I have my HVAC regularly checked? If so, when?
Does every one of your HVAC systems come with a touchscreen thermostat control ?

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