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Carrier Infinity® 19VS Central Air Conditioner Features

The 19Vs series is a one of a kind air conditioner. You have the ability to change the speed compression down to 5 stages, this is about 25% of its capacity. Making the carrier 19Vs series extremely efficient at removing humidity, keeping temperatures even and providing airflow. It’s rare to find a central air conditioning unit where you can upgrade the system one component at a time. By communicating with the D&M central air conditioning Milwaukee specialists they help determine if a new 19VS series can be integrated through your existing central Air conditioning system, so you can upgrade in steps.

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19VS 24VNA9 Carrier Series Air conditioner Features

Infinity Carrier Air Conditioner
  • 19 SEER Efficiency rating
  • As quiet as 56 decibels
  • Puron refrigerant
  • 10-year limited parts warranty
  • Manage by infinity touch control for enhanced control over humidity and temperature
  • WeatherArmor Ultra TM protection
  • Optional labor warranty available

24ANB6 Carrier Series Air conditioner Features

  • 16 SEER Efficiency rating amusing
  • As quiet as 66 decibels
  • Single stage cooling no climate control but cost less
  • Filter dryer to removes harmful sediments from refrigerant to extend the compressor life
  • Puron refrigerant easy on the environment
  • WeatherArmor Ultra TM protection
  • 10-year limited parts warranty
  • Optional labor warranty available
These air conditioners deliver the cold air during the hot summer days in Milwaukee. For installation services contact our Carrier series air conditioner specialist today or view our other Carrier air conditioners.

Affordable Carrier Infinity Series Air conditioners

The affordability of an Infinity air conditioner depends on a lot of factors. Ton means how much heat the AC unit can remove within one hour. The higher the ton the higher the price. SEER rating is also considered, usually if it’s a higher SEER rating the price will also be higher. Price is always negligible because of all the energy and money saved over ten years of use.

You might be thinking about comparing prices online, even worse buying a Carrier air conditioner online. Internet purchases of a Carrier AC unit do not honor the warranty. The best way to compare price is by getting free HVAC quotes from local contractors like D&M heating and cooling. This way you are covered by the warranty and get an AC unit you can afford.

The Carrier Infinity series is a quality air conditioner competing against other top brands. You’re paying slightly more for a quality Infinity 24ANB6 or 19VS 24VNA9 AC unit.

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